Penang Nirvana

Funeral Service

With our unrivalled professionalism and expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of funeral services to cater to the needs of different faiths and all walks of life.

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White Ladies

In respect of safeguarding the dignity of a female deceased member, Nirvana Asia Group is proud to present the first of its kind, ladies-only team to take care of all necessary funeral arrangements throughout.

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Remains SPA & Cadaveric Restoration

Like flowers gracing this world, pure and blooming, that’s a life that conjures up a beautiful picture. All good things come to an end. Likewise, when life is near its end, it shall be harmonized with a flawless and natural appearance.

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Three-saints Temple

With huge cost invested into this luxurious and magnificent memorial complex to enshrine ancestors in a solemn yet harmony environment.

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Comprehensive Facilities

Nirvana Memorial Park provides a supreme relaxation in a tranquil comfortable, healthy and tension-releasing environment.

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